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Tablets packaging line

Our customer, a well-known natural products manufacturer in Quebec, needed a line to package its bottle of tablets. He needed a fully automatic and integrated line for all the step from the empty bottles to the labeling. We gathered high quality equipment together to create one of our proudest realization so far.

The line was complete and included:

  • Palace Packaging bottle unscrambler.

  • Speck-Tech dessicant inserter.

  • IMA Swiftpack monobloc tablet counter-capper.

  • Caps sorter.

  • Sigma Caps Seal induction sealer.

  • PackAutomation five-panels labeler.

  • Imaje laser coder.

  • Procepack accumulation table.

We fully integrated all the equipment together to create one completely automatic line. To all the equipment above, we added few conveyors and controls. We run the line at 40 bottles per minute, but it can go much faster depending on the tablets sizes and the quantity in each bottle.

As I mentioned above, this is one of our proudest realizations because we integrated used high-end machines like the IMA monobloc with new products made by us like the PackAutomation labeler. In fact, this PackAutomation labeler is the first we made for five-panels and the result is perfect.

We did the test with the customer and he is enchanted with his line. The next step will be the installation of the line in his factory. However, as we always do, we’ll offer our peerless after-sale services to our customer. With Procepack, customers become partners!
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