1- PreRoll-Er² – Automatic PreRolls Machine

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1- PreRoll-Er² – Automatic PreRolls Machine

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The PreRoll-Er² is an automatic machine to fill pre-rolls. The machine comes with two highly precise scale before and after filling. The production cost for each pre-roll is 0.02g (can vary). The precision of the equipment is 0.01g, which is more precise then required by law. The number of turns for twisted tip is selectable on the 10in touch screen HMI. The machine can replace up to 25-30 persons with a production of up to 1200 pre-rolls/hour for to 0.5g ones and one operator can run 5 PreRoll-Er². The equipment is the world’s first automatic pre-rolls machine that works.

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  • Model: PreRoll-Er²
  • Manufacturer: CannabAutomation – Procepack’s Division
  • Accurately measure before filling
  • Production of 1200 pre-rolls/hour (0.5g)
  • Production of 0.02$/preroll (can vary)
  • Replace up to 25-30 persons
  • 30 months of R&D
  • Exit weight checking with reject system
  • One operator for up to 5 machines
  • Rugged construction
  • Highly precision of 0.01g
  • Selectable number of turns for twisted tip
  • 12 months of extensive of testing on production site
  • For pre-rolls of 0.3 to 1g
  • 10in touch screen HMI
  • Compaction from top and bottom for uniform density
  • Patent Pending
  • 220V , 1Ph, 20A, 3.3kWh
  • Click here for a video

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