Procepack, an equipment reconditioning company, and PackAutomation, a new machine equipment manufacturer, join forces to complete high-quality projects at a very competitive price. At Procepack, we strive to provide our clients with the best recommendations as per their specific products and needs. In addition to our maintenance services, we assist you throughout your development thanks to our second-hand equipment buyback program, which gives you a new machine credit.

New equipment Second-hand equipment


With over 30 years of experience, we know how to take your packaging project limitations into consideration.
Altogether, our team of experts totalizes an impressive number of years of experience in many industries. We have engineers, electrical mechanics, project managers and designers, who all have extensive knowledge of the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical sectors. Whatever the project, our specialists will find the perfect solution at the best possible price for your automation issues.


Over 300 machines in stock and an international supply in second-hand packaging equipment.
Having a large packaging equipment inventory helps us provide our customers with the best advice on the proper machines for their production. Thanks to our high expertise and our large-scale network, we are able to find the machines in the best possible condition and that is the closest to your application, so we can have it reconditioned to your specific needs. As an independent company, Procepack will provide you with the best machine from any manufacturer.


Combining new and second-hand products, we strive to offer solutions within your budget.
In collaboration with PackAutomation, Procepack can provide you with packaging lines combining new and second-hand equipment to fit your budget. With over one hundred projects under our belt, we served customers from SMEs to multinationals. We strive to offer nothing but the best solutions suited to our customers’ specific needs. Whatever your budget, we can complete your projects.


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Line delivery, installation and set-up

We provide our customers with both the delivery and the installation to ensure the machines work well and the work environment is safe for the operators. For the delivery service, we join forces with only the best logistic and transportation companies. As for the equipment installation and set-up, we believe that the ones who reconditioned and adjusted the machines are best suited to do so, which is why our technicians are in charge of this task once the equipment is delivered. We can also connect the new equipment to other services: electrical, pneumatic, steam, etc.

Training for operators

Since the Procepack employee who worked on your project knows your machines, we can offer training to your operators. A production line must indeed be well installed, but especially well maintained. Maintenance is a task for your operators, but Procepack is never far behind. Our technicians can offer training for your employees in your factory on all aspects: maintenance, normal wear and tear repairs, setting changes from one product to the other… Your operators will then be able to operate your machines and fix little problems, thus make you save a lot of money.


Thanks to our great reputation, we successfully catered to an international market while still promoting our growth. Our short-term goal would be for our innovative products to reach their global engagement. Our new machines achieve great success in North America, and our second-hand, reconditioned or as is, equipment is found all around the world.


Given the similarities between the machine used from one industry to the other, we developed extensive expertise and thorough knowledge of the various sectors’ needs. Our team is composed of experts in all the following industries:

  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals/Neutrasceptic
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemicals
  • Natural health
  • Manufacturing plants


We buy packaging machines of all types. Procepack offers you several ways to get rid of the equipment you no longer use. We can buy it directly, sell it on consignment, put it on our website, or take your idle machines in exchange for a discount on equipment we sell. Turn your useless machines into cash thanks to Procepack’s buyback program.

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